Third Summit Capital Invests in
Evolve Media A.I.

Companies hope to make artificial intelligence a mainstream video-editing solution

September 24, 2020

Third Summit Capital is investing in video-editing solution Evolve Media A.I., which leverages artificial intelligence to create fast, beautiful, affordable videos for everyday users, event organizers and brands.

The Evolve Media app transforms event attendees into artistic collaborators, allowing them to share memories by submitting their individual videos of any given event to a central cloud storage platform, where an A.I. algorithm stitches the best shots together into a homespun memento for everyone to enjoy.

Once picked up by organizers of concerts, weddings, sporting events and other popular gatherings, Evolve Media’s widespread adoption could revolutionize how society publishes videos. News organizations and social media companies would find its proprietary algorithm uniquely valuable, as they can suddenly showcase multiple user-submitted videos in a streamlined, cohesive manner.

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