Strategically Investing in the Future of Creative and Financial Technologies

Crafting partnerships with a shared vision

Third Summit Capital is dedicated to identifying and investing in innovative, forward-thinking mid-sized digital firms poised for steady growth. We focus on supporting advancements in artificial intelligence and fintech, tailored specifically for media organizations and the creator economy.


Third Summit Capital provides more than just financial support; we offer access to a well-established network of businesses and seamless integration with the core suite of Third Summit companies and their diverse clientele. This comprehensive approach ensures that our partners not only receive the capital they need but also benefit from strategic connections and collaborative opportunities within our ecosystem, facilitating growth and innovation.


Our investment portfolio spans a broad spectrum, encompassing entities from nascent startups to established growth-oriented firms. We engage in these ventures as the principal investor or collaboratively alongside distinguished co-investors, demonstrating our versatile approach to fostering innovation.


Our approach includes the capability to allocate investments starting at $100,000 for seed-stage startups, scaling up to larger financial commitments for more established entities. This flexibility ensures we provide tailored support designed to foster growth across various stages of development.


Our portfolio aligns with the core Third Summit vision, focusing on startups in the media, content-creation and fintech industries, often featuring technologies such as AI and cloud storage and computing.


Combining accounting software with legal aid, invoice filing, tax help and business advice, Lance is a catch-all tool for freelancers looking to elevate and organize their businesses. They complement their software with educational bonuses to help freelancers navigate the professional world, including a community-focused magazine, webinars, ebooks and free downloadable templates.

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SAM is the first network powered relationship management & outreach platform, fully humanized with voice activated conversational AI.

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max-bone is a luxury fashion lifestyle pet brand, changing the way you shop for your dog. Our mission is to provide timeless, modern products that can be enjoyed by the entire family. We combine influences from fashion, art and architecture, with upscale functionality to deliver apparel, beds, leashes and more—all of which are effortlessly elegant.

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When guests attend an event and record videos with their mobile devices, that footage normally stays with them. Evolve Media A.I. changes all that. This new app transforms event attendees into artistic collaborators, inviting them to submit their individual videos to our cloud storage platform. It is then that the Evolve Media A.I. algorithm automatically and autonomously stitches the best photo and video shots together into a homespun memento for everyone to enjoy.

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In the modern financial ecosystem, managing money has become increasingly complex, with a myriad of uncoordinated services complicating the pursuit of financial freedom. This complexity often leads to stress and a sense of loss of control over one’s finances, rather than the liberation and security that money should provide. Sequence introduces a promising solution by integrating various financial platforms—banks, apps, credit cards—into a single, coherent system. This innovation aims to simplify financial management, granting individuals comprehensive control and a clearer view of their finances, thus making financial independence more achievable and transforming the way we interact with our money towards a more streamlined and efficient approach.

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Leaders driven by experience

Our leadership offers decades of experience in corporate investments, media creation, broadcast news and technology.