Third Summit Capital Invests in Sequence

The closing of Lance and the shift to Sequence. Visualize your money flow, set smart routing rules and control it all from one single, powerful platform.

February 2, 2024

Third Summit Capital is excited to announce its investment in Sequence, a financial management platform designed by the team responsible for Lance. This investment supports the company’s dedication to fostering growth in emerging digital and fintech companies, with a particular emphasis on those advancing artificial intelligence and financial technology for the media and content creation sectors.

Sequence offers an innovative solution by integrating a variety of financial services, including banking, investments, savings, and credit cards, into a single, streamlined platform. Leveraging artificial intelligence, Sequence provides personalized financial insights, aiming to make financial independence accessible to a broader audience.

“The financial sector’s increasing fragmentation has left individuals and businesses in need of a solution that restores coherence to their financial management. Sequence is that solution.” said Matt Cimaglia, Managing Partner at Third Summit Capital “Our investment in Sequence perfectly aligns with our mission to support innovative solutions that not only meet the demands of today’s digital and fintech landscape but also have the potential to revolutionize industries.”

Targeting companies at the intersection of AI and fintech innovations, Third Summit Capital’s backing of Sequence underscores a mutual vision for transforming financial management and delivering comprehensive solutions to the creative sector. Sequence is set to improve the delivery of financial services, particularly for those within creative industries, opening up avenues for new growth and innovation.

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Sequence is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by Thread Bank; Member FDIC.