Third Summit Capital Invests in Sam.AI

Unique conversational AI technology marks the cornerstone of ongoing collaboration

December 27, 2019

As part of its ongoing investment in AI-driven technology, Third Summit Capital is investing in, a network-powered relationship-management and outreach platform that transforms complex report-gathering into plain-language voice commands.

The investment marks the cornerstone of a deeper partnership between the two companies, centered around Third Summit Corporation’s platform for connecting creative agencies with freelancers. That service, a central hub for creative talent, will incorporate a custom-built search engine with a consumer-facing conversational AI.

“ is a truly nimble, intuitive and unique offering,” said Matt Cimaglia, co-founder and CEO of Third Summit Capital. “As we embed ourselves deeper into the AI and machine learning sphere, we saw their technology as a prime example of the kind of innovation that is a perfect match for Third Summit Capital.” was built on a proprietary voice-activated conversational AI that allows users to glean more information from a customer-relationship management (CRM) software than is often readily available.

“We’re essentially humanizing the way people use software at work,” said Raz Choudhury, founder and CEO of “It’s about time people can simply ask for stats, reports or any software activity using plain language—not through countless clicks and confusing keystrokes.”

The CRM and marketing stacks of are especially suited for B2B businesses that thrive on referrals and human introductions. It allows users to create their own invite-only networks, creating personal introductions based on the strength of their relationships.

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About is a New York City-based SaaS company with a mission to humanize the way we use software. Sam makes data and software actons conversational via voice or text using proprietary NLU- & NLP-based AI. It offers its own suite of network-powered relationship-management SaaS products. OEMs and enterprises use SAM’s conversational AI engine on their existing tech stacks to save hours on report generation and software usage, as well as to streamline workflow and increase productivity. For more information, visit